We like to think of the pet lodge at Animal Care Clinic as a version of camp for our canine guests and a relaxing stay-cation for our feline guests.  Our lodging staff will do everything to make sure your furry friend(s) are happy and comfortable.  We pride ourselves that our facility is kept very clean and smells the same.

Our Amenities

Dog Lodge


The Dog Lodge is split into separate rooms to house small dogs and large dogs.  We have a total of 25 indoor, temperature-controlled suites that can be opened up to adjoining suites to appropriately house families or for large breeds that require a little extra space.  We encourage beds, toys or any other belongings to be brought to make the space feel a little more like home.  Extra beds and blankets are also provided. If your pet is used to a specific diet we suggest that be brought along as well.  If your pet doesn’t require a specific diet we feed Purina’s premium line of Pro Plan Adult.  Most dogs love it and eat it just fine. Dogs are let outside for potty and play time 4 times daily.  If your pet is social and gets along well with others they can go out in play groups with similar sized and mannered dogs.  Our employees are trained to assess behavior of our guests and determine suitable groups.  If alone outside time without other dogs is deemed necessary, our staff will make sure they get adequate play and potty time on their own as well. Our exercise yard is well fenced and designed to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.  With plenty of sun and shade we will be sure there is plenty of time to stretch everyone’s legs.

Cat Lodge


Our cat lodge is strategically placed upstairs so that there is a sound buffer between their area and the dogs downstairs.  It is quiet and peaceful, often with relaxing music playing all day.  Accommodations are comfortable, with a perch to lie on and separate sections for the litter box.  Most cats are allowed time outside of their condo to roam the entire room of the cat lodge.  Most cat condos open up into multiple sections, which can allow extra space for a single cat or ample room for multiple cats in the same family to stay together. The cat lodge has scratching posts, toys, windows looking outside and other distractions to keep feline guests entertained.  It is also very likely they will get some cuddle time on the lap of one of our staff members. If your cat has a special bed or blanket with smells from home to bring we encourage those items to be brought along.  Extra beds and blankets are provided as well.  We know that cats can be a little pickier about their food and we recommend food from home to be brought.  We also provide Purina’s premium line of Pro Plan Adult kibble.

Lodging Pre-requisites

An exam within the year at Animal Care Clinic as well as proof of some vaccines is needed in order for dogs and cats to stay or have reservations with us. Dogs need proof of a current distemper-parvo (DA2PP) and Rabies vaccine. Cats need a minimum of a current upper-respiratory (CPRT) and Rabies vaccine. Cats allowed to have time exploring the cat lodge also need a current feline leukemia vaccine (FeLV). If there are any extenuating circumstances regarding vaccines, i.e. feline leukemia positive cat, doesn’t have current vaccines due to a medical problem, etc. please let us know as we can often find a solution that works for everyone.

Extra Benefits

There are some built-in benefits to lodging your pet at Animal Care Clinic…

  • Should the need arise for veterinary care during your pet’s stay; our staff will work with you to provide any needed care.
  • We can assist with providing preventive care to reduce the number of visits you make.
  • Due to the construction and management of our facility we are 100% flea-free and won’t require your pet to use take any medications during their stay with us.
  • If your pet does need any medications administered or is diabetic and requires insulin, our staff has the knowledge and skills to be sure your pet gets whatever they need.
  • We also offer a complimentary bath to any pet that stays for 5 nights or longer!