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Puppies and Kittens

There may be nothing more fun than having a new puppy or kitten in your home. The doctors at Animal Care Clinic will help you be designing a customized preventative medicine plan for your new puppy or kitten. Let us help you with nutrition, vaccinations, and communicable disease decisions. We even hold puppy kindergarden classes. [...]

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Itchiness and Hair Loss

Itchiness and hair loss in your dog or cat can be the result of fleas, inhaled allergies, hormonal disease, seborrhea, food allergy, infection, and many other things. The key to controlling skin disease is to find the primary problem. Neither you nor your pets should have to endure hours of scratching and licking.

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Pets and Your Health

Did you know that interacting with a well-behaved pet changes your chemical physiology and lowers your blood pressure, decreases stress, and leads to an increased sense of energy and elation. It's true! People who own pets makes fewer visits to the doctor. Dogs and cats are good for us and we are good for them.

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