If you notice any of these signs, call us!

  1. Bleeding – bleeding from any part of the body especially if not easily stopped.  Bloody urine or stool could be an indicator or underlying disease or infection.
  2. Vomiting or Diarrhea – frequent vomiting or diarrhea during a short period or intermittently. It is not normal for cats or dogs to vomit regularly. Quick onset of unproductive retching and/or bloating is an emergency.
  3. Changes in Appetite – If your pet has not eaten in 24-48 hours it is an emergency, especially for felines.  If your pet is suddenly ravenous with no change in diet this could be an indicator of a problem.
  4. Convulsions – seizures or uncontrolled tremors, especially if your pet is non-responsive during episode.
  5. Lethargy – lack of energy and motivation, not wanting to engage in normal activities or routine.  Weakness or collapse during exercise is an emergency.
  6. Pain – limping or lameness, crying out or seeming painful when touched or lifted
  7. Eye Abnormalities – redness, discharge, cloudiness, squinting and loss of vision.
  8. Weight Loss – sudden weight loss with no alteration in diet or exercise.
  9. Masses – Any lump that is new, bleeding or growing rapidly.
  10. Scratching – frequent biting, chewing, or licking at any part of the body.  Pawing at the face, ear and/or tilting the head are emergencies.
  11. Changes in Thirst/Urination – Increased consumption of water, with or without increased urination.  Straining or inability to urinate.  If your male cat is straining to urinate this is an absolute emergency and should not wait.
  12. Coughing or Sneezing – Mild coughing or sneezing lasting longer than a few days. Violent sneezing that comes on suddenly, with or without discharge.  Coughing during exercise.

Early recognition & treatment is the key to a successful recovery.

If your pet has been injured, take caution!  Animals in discomfort are fearful and not always aware of their owners.  They may bite even their best friend on mistake!

For after hours emergencies we suggest:

Central Coast Pet Emergency Clinic

1558 West Branch St  (K-Mart shopping center)

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

(805) 489 – 6573

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