In-house Products

We keep a great variety of commonly used prescription products and supplements on our shelves so that they are conveniently available to you the moment your pets need them. No need to drive across town to get a prescription filled! Many prescriptions require your pet to be examined before dispensing. This ensures that your pet is healthy enough to handle the potential side effects of some prescriptions and provides further confirmation that the medication is appropriate for your pet’s current condition.

Formulated Products

Animal Care Clinic works with several pharmacologists who have advanced training and are licensed to formulate prescriptions.  This means that most medications can be made into flavored liquids (tuna, chicken, etc.) or even transdermal formulations that are applied like creams.  These pet friendly formulations can be a huge help, particularly with cats!

ACC’s Online Store

We maintain a full array of prescription products, diets, treats and even toys that are available to you 24 hours a day via our online store.  These can be ordered without using a written prescription and will be shipped directly to your home.  The utmost in convenience!

Written Prescriptions

Our doctors are happy to write prescriptions for your pets’ needs.  These can be taken to human pharmacies or used with on line pharmacies (written prescriptions are not needed when using our online pharmacy.)  When we are looking for harder to find or more unusual products, our team will make the phone calls to find the product and “call-in” the prescription for you!