We love what we do and it shows…In our joyous service.

Our customer service team will greet you and your pet as you enter our state of the art hospital – with a warm smile and the compassion and reassurance you are looking for.  We will ask you to fill out a brief form listing your contact information (this can be downloaded here so you can fill it out before your visit and just bring it with you!)  After determining what your main concerns are for the day, our customer service team will take your pet’s newly created medical chart to our veterinary nursing team for their review while you relax in our spacious reception area, perhaps enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Our exemplary veterinary medical care…

Both our veterinary nurses and your doctor will review all available past records for your pet before they begin your examination. T his will only be possible if the records arrive before your appointment. You can send records via email to .

If you bring past records with you to the visit, our team will do their best to review them in the exam room with you. You and your pet will be escorted into the exam room by one of our veterinary nursing team members.  Vital signs will be recorded and you will be able to discuss your major concerns and also review the preventive care that we recommend for animals in your pet’s age group and lifestyle.

The doctor will join you shortly and will review the information gathered so far.  A complete physical exam will be performed and discussed with you as our nursing team member takes notes to assure a complete medical record is developed.  You and the doctor will discuss diagnostic and treatment plans together and decide what approach is best for you and your pet. You will always get a complete estimate for recommended services.  In most cases we are able to preform the necessary diagnostic tests while you wait and will be able to send you home with prescriptions and/or the diets your pet needs.  If more involved care is needed, we are able to keep your pet comfortable with us for the day.  We do ask that the bill be paid at the time that your pet leaves Animal Care Clinic.  Click here for our payment options.


Our focus on your entire family…

We believe that exemplary veterinary care requires us to consider your pet’s total lifestyle and how your pet fits into your family’s dynamics.  We want to be sure that we are protecting everyone in your house – the animals and the people.  Expect us to ask questions about small children, people with immunosuppressive conditions, how much you all exercise, how & where you feed your pets and where you take your pet for vacations!

After your visit…

We are famous for our diligent follow-up at Animal Care Clinic.  You should expect phone calls to check on how your pet is doing if they were diagnosed with any significant condition.  Our doctors often call the next day with lab results and the same day with x-ray results.  You can also expect a thorough, but totally customizable system to remind you when your pets are due for various services.