Spays and Neuters at Animal Care Clinic

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Due to Covid-19, Dr. Marsolais is not currently traveling for consultations and surgeries. Call our office at 805-545-8212 as we have multiple options to refer if your pet is needing orthopedic surgery.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors are excellent soft tissue surgeons and can care for wounds of all severity, remove masses and perform many other procedures on the same day your pet is presented to us!

Major Soft Tissue Surgery

We are proud of our excellent surgical room that allows us to perform most surgical procedures in a clean and safe environment.  Whether your pet needs an emergency enterotomy to remove a swallowed rock or the removal of a cancerous mass on the spleen, we are here to help.  We have multiple options to refer if your pet needs more advanced procedures.

Radiowave vs. Laser Incisions

Our Ellman Radiowave Surgical Unit provides for incisions that are less painful and bleed less than those made by scalpels.  Many studies show this unit to be superior to lasers for incisions.  Your pets will appreciate the use of the Ellman unit.