American Animal Hospital Association

Animal Care Clinic is proud to have been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association since 1992, and to have been named one of the top 5 AAHA accredited hospitals in North America in 2011!  AAHA is a voluntary inspection and evaluation program that certifies only 15% of the small animal hospitals in the US.  Hospitals that have been accredited have demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

  •  quality of care
  • diagnostic & pharmacy
  • management
  • medical records
  • facility

AAHA’s dedication to veterinary excellence leads the organization to constantly refine its minimum standards and raise the level of medical and business distinction required for accreditation.  Animal Care Clinic embraces this challenge and constantly strives to grow and improve.  We have received a higher qualifying score on every examination and inspection we have undergone.

Links to AAHA pages:

At you can access information about the American Animal Hospital Association, accreditation and more. is AAHA’s site tailored specifically for pet owners!  It has all kinds of pet health articles and information, a pet blog, AHHA-accredited hospital search, fun stuff for kids and a whole lot more!  A great place to start when looking for credible information!

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) is a unique specialty board.  All veterinarians in the United States are licensed to work on all species of animals, aside from humans!  Just as in human medicine, certain veterinarians become specialists in certain areas of medicine such as cardiology, cancer therapy or surgery. Diplomates of the ABVP are species specialists, showing an exceptional level expertise working with one or two species. Our Dr. Markoff is an ABVP specialist in Canine and Feline Practice. ABVP candidates must be able to show 6 years of exceedingly high quality experience before they are allowed to take a series of rigorous examinations. ABVP is the only veterinary specialty board that requires recertification.  ABVP diplomates must re-qualify every 10 years.


Link to ABPV website: is a great resource that explains the benefit of ABVP practitioners and even has a search to find a specialist.