The most common causes of itchy skin and hair loss in dogs and cats in our area include fleas and allergies.  Your pets can show signs of skin disease when they suffer from hay fever (inhaled allergies), food allergies or even contact allergies.  Many youngsters will have trouble with mites called demodex.  All of these conditions can be cured or managed!

Our Approach

We want your pets to be comfortable.  That means our primary focus is on getting the itch to stop.  For pets with recurrent skin issues (which are VERY common), we think that an aggressive approach to finding the underlying cause is important.  Repeatedly using steroid injections or oral prednisone has serious side effects, doesn’t cure anything and can actually make matters worse.  We want to see your pets on a skin health maintenance program that is safe, effective and fits your lifestyle.  This might include weekly shampoo therapy, fish oil supplements, oral medications or even hyposensitization therapy.

Sub-lingual Hyposensitization Therapy

Many pets with allergic skin disease benefit from hyposensitization – using allergens to decrease the severity of the allergic reaction.  You might know people who get these injections.  At Animal Care Clinic we offer both injectable and sublingual (oral drops) for hyposensitization.  This is a safe and cost effective way to manage a very frustrating disease!