About the Products

  •  Our canine patients will receive an oral product called Simparica Trio. It will kill and prevent fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworm disease for 30 days!
  • Our feline friends will receive the topical product called Revolution Plus. This will kill and prevent fleas, ticks, ear mites and intestinal parasites for 30 days!

Supplies are Limited! Don’t Delay!
We expect to have our free doses available during the months of March, April and May – but we could run out sooner. Send in your information and then come visit us before we run out! But even if we do run out early, we’d love to meet you and all of your pets – stop by anytime!

Come Meet Us and Get a FREE dose of parasite control!

We are excited to welcome new clients and patients to Animal Care Clinic and are offering a free dose of prescription parasite control while supplies last. Simply fill out our basic information form and then stop by with your pet so we can say “hello” and administer a free dose of either Simparica Trio or Revolution Plus. No appointments are required!

How does the offer work?
1. Fill out the basic information form by clicking on the link.
2. Our medical team will review your pet’s information to ensure the products will be safe to administer.
3. You drop by without an appointment between the hours of 8am & 5pm M,T,Th,F or 11am and 5pm on Wednesdays.
4. As soon as we can free up a team member, we will give you a little tour and one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians will do a brief free examination of your pet
5. We will administer the proper parasite control product for you. Simparica Trio for dogs and Revolution Plus for cats.
6. Expect to be at Animal Care Clinic for 15-30 minutes.
7. Unfortunately, California law will not allow us to send home prescription parasite control products without a scheduled and complete examination by a DVM. Give us a call if you prefer to set up an appointment with one of our doctors.