River likes to lick the flavored tooth paste!

Preventive Dental Care

Tooth brushing, proper chew toys & treats and routine teeth cleaning are all part of the preventive dental care at Animal Care Clinic.  We will also provide thorough exams on youngsters looking for problems with alignment or retained baby teeth that could lead to disease in the future.

Teeth Cleaning at ACC

Your pets will be treated to the same level of dental hygienic care at ACC that you would get when going to your dentist.  Every tooth is hand scaled on all surfaces and cleaned ultrasonically using titanium tips that are safe and effective.  A complete oral examination is performed and every tooth is polished.  Antibiotics and pain control are provided for every patient.  If any abnormalities are detected during the cleaning or examination, we are able to address them immediately – you do not have to make a separate appointment.

Advanced Dental/Oral Care

Animal Care Clinic has earned the reputation of being the “doggy dentists” of the Central Coast (of course we do kitties too!)  We are able to provide a full array of advanced dental care for patients.  Surgical tooth extractions are less painful and safer than traditional extraction methods.  Our doctors can perform a variety of periodontic procedures and remove oral masses.  While we are capable of performing endodontics (root canals), we strongly recommend referral to a board certified veterinary dentist for this procedure.

Dental Radiography

Most veterinary hospitals in the US are not able to take dental x-rays.  We are proud to have been providing dental radiography at Animal Care Clinic since our inception in 1989.  This is one of the reasons we are known as the “doggie dentist” of the Central Coast!

Anesthesia Free Dentistry

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