Puppy Kindergarten Classes

We all learn basic manners & social skills on the playground in kindergarten, and that is exactly what this class is all about.  Help your babies get a good start by enrolling them in class. For puppies under 4 months of age.

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Etiquette Classes

Most pet owners don’t want to train their dog to be perfect in the show ring.  Our etiquette class is designed to help you train your dog to do the things you want him/her to do – greet people calmly, walk nicely on a leash, come when called and more!

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Preventing Unwanted Behaviors

Our doctors and support team will talk with you about basic behavior during your puppy and kitten visits and also during our Wellness or Preventive Care exams.  The tips we provide can prevent most unwanted behaviors.

Behavior Management Consultation

Both Dr. Evans and Dr. Meusel have a special interest in behavior and can help you to solve your pets’ behavior issues.  This takes time and lots of conversation, so special appointments must be made to allow a thorough evaluation and proper treatment program.

persian kitten reading books on isolated white