Your puppy just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten, and now what?  We’ve designed Puppy Etiquette class as a natural progression to continue building the partnership you’ve begun with your puppy to make sure he/she is a comfortable addition to your family.  Now that you have a few tools in your belt we will help you teach your puppy some basic manners to prepare you two for future obedience/agility classes and just life in general.  This is 4-week course taught on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:15 PM.  From 6-6:15 puppies will have the opportunity to have some play time before class begins.

Why Attend Puppy Etiquette?

Your puppy is now the equivalent of a junior high school kid.  They know some rules, but they aren’t ingrained in their actions yet.  They like to push the envelope and see what they can get away with.  Sound about right?  Your puppy is now had all of their puppy shots or is just about finished and it’s time to truly introduce them to the world.  Our goal is to help you on your way to having a confident and well-adjusted dog!  Puppy Etiquette class offers a way for puppies and owners to learn about good manners vs. actual obedience.  We address many common day to day issues you will experience.  Our class covers basic topics, but is tailored to each class to address problem areas.  You’ll learn about socialization and play behaviors in dogs, what is ok and what is not.

Topics include:

  • Sit/Down/Stay
  • Off
  • Leave It/Bring It
  • Quiet
  • Give/Drop It
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come
  • Introducing obstacles/new things
  • And much more!

Who Should Attend?

Any breed of dog between the age of 4 months and 9 months on the first day of class.  All Rabies and DA2PP vaccinations must be up to date.  All family members involved with training are welcome, but there needs to be at least 1 adult per puppy.

What to Bring?

  1. Written proof of vaccinations from a Veterinarian – Either a signed vaccination certificate or receipt from a veterinarian.  You can also give us your veterinarian’s name and phone number 5 days before class and we will call to confirm.
  2. Puppies should wear a buckle collar and owners should bring a leather or nylon leash with them.  NO CHAIN LEASHES OR COLLARS!
  3. Your puppy and your enthusiasm to learn!!

Class size is limited and full payment is required to reserve a space.  Registration is $125 to Animal Care Clinic.  Call or stop by and reserve your space today!!