Our Intensive Care Unit is housed within our treatment room and is fully enclosed in glass so that we can see our critical patients at all time.  Oxygen, warmed housing units, IV fluid pumps and continuous rate infusion systems are available.

Fluid Therapy

Every critical patient and animal undergoing anesthesia receives IV fluid therapy at Animal Care Clinic.  We recognize that hydration is critical to patient comfort and recovery.  We use medical IV fluid pumps on each patient to maintain fluid rates and ensure the safety of our patients.

On-Site Overnight Care

You can rest easy knowing that your hospitalized pets are cared for by our live-in overnight veterinary nurses.  While we do not usually have a doctor here overnight, our veterinary nurses can provide needed treatments, monitor IV fluid therapy and call our doctors at home should anything unusual occur.  We recommend that more critical cases that require 24-hour doctor supervision be transferred to an overnight emergency clinic.