Our Approach

No pain. No vomiting.  No nausea.  That is our goal with chemotherapy and cancer care at ACC.  If we cannot provide a reasonable prognosis with a low risk treatment, we will not recommend pursuing aggressive therapies.  Since your pet cannot participate in the conversation about what type of care we should pursue, we make every effort to be sure side effects are kept to a minimum.  Because Dr. Markoff has experienced the worst in chemotherapy herself, we know how to get this done.  We always use the most effective anti-nausea and pain controlling drugs available.


In many instances, chemotherapy can be extremely rewarding.  Because we use lower dosages than in human medicine, side effects are far less common and less severe.  There are many options available and the doctors at ACC are very adept in providing safe and effective chemotherapy.


Oncologic surgery takes a special touch.  The doctors at Animal Care Clinic are very adept at soft tissue mass removals and our board certified surgeon can come to ACC to perform more involved surgeries.  In rare cases we may refer you out of the area for specific technically difficult procedures.

Oncology Referral

We have an excellent relationship with several veterinary oncologists in California who can provide not only radiation therapy, but also guidance in managing the entire case.  Unfortunately, there are no board certified oncologists (cancer specialists) nor radiation facilities in San Luis Obispo County.