Digital Radiography

Animal Care Clinic’s state of the art digital x-ray system allows us to develop images of the highest quality in a matter of seconds.  The quality of our imaging is far superior to non-digital systems.  We can send our images via the Internet and have specialist opinions in less than an hour if needed!

Dental Radiography

Most veterinary hospitals in the US are not able to take dental x-rays.  We are proud to have been providing dental radiography at Animal Care Clinic since our inception in 1989.  This is one of the reasons we are known as the “doggie dentist” of the Central Coast!


All of the doctors at Animal Care Clinic are highly skilled at ultrasonography.  Dr. Markoff completed a full year fellowship at UC Davis in small animal abdominal ultrasound and we have a board certified veterinary radiologist who will come to Animal Care Clinic to perform exams on site.  This allows us to provide ultrasound and echocardiography of exceptional quality.

MRI & CT Scanning

Many patients can benefit from the advanced imaging techniques of CT scans and MR imaging.  We work closely with referral facilities that are experts at performing these studies.  Please recognize that just owning a machine does not make you qualified to perform quality scans.  Please let us help you to find the right facility for your pet’s studies.


Our videoscope allows us to view and photograph many parts of the body that would otherwise be invisible without surgery.  This scope is most often used to examine nostrils and ear canals.  Many a foxtail has been removed with this wonderful piece of equipment!