We focus on animals, their people,
lifestyles and interactions.

At Animal Care Clinic we recognize that your pets are an integral part of your family.  We want to help you to care for your entire family unit.  This means we not only want to provide exceptional medical and behavioral care for your dogs and cats, but we want to help you to integrate your pets into your family’s activities and entire lifestyle.  We hope the information accessible on this page will help you in that endeavor!

Human & Animal Health

One Health Initiative is a collaboration and communication between human and veterinary medical professionals along with environmentalists and other scientific specialists.  The One Health concept is a worldwide effort to share information on disease and environmental concerns that affect us all.  “One Health” is a term you will likely be hearing more about.  If this topic interests you, you may also want to check out the One Health Commission, Global Health Vet, and Aardvarks to Zebras.  An excellent book on the subject is called “Zoobiquity” by Barbara Hatterson-Horowitz.

Pets and Parasites by the Companion Animal Parasite Control (CAPC) is a very informative site on parasites that are prevalent in dogs and cats.  See maps showing the prevalence of various parasites by State and even County.  Learn how to protect your pets and family from these potentially dangerous pests!

Pet Obesity has become an epidemic in today’s society.  The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has a wonderful site that includes weight loss tools and information on the caloric content of many foods and treats.  Purina has a very nice site called Project Pet Slim Down. It is an online program you can use to help track your pet’s weight loss journey, complete with lots of tips, coaches, success stories and other tools to help you and your pet.  You can also see us at Animal Care Clinic, as we have certified pet-nutrition consultants to assist you step-by-step.

Living Local

Those of us that live on the Central Coast love our easy going way of life, moderate climate and majestic scenery that make this area our own piece of heaven.  We are also fortunate to have many pet friendly areas and businesses that make living here a breeze.  Several cities in San Luis Obispo County are fortunate to have off-leash dog parks.  San Luis Obispo Parks, Open Space and Trails Foundation (SLOPOST) has a project committee solely dedicated to creating and maintaining dog parks in SLO county.  Find out more about local dog parks and events at the Parks 4 Pups website!  Check out Bring Fido for some great and accessible hiking trails and dog-friendly hikes all over California.

There’s even a magazine dedicated to the dogs of the Central Coast, Coastal Canine.  Many of us have our favorite spots to take our dogs out for a beach day, but if you don’t know where to go or are exploring other parts of the California coast, Beach California has a list with more detailed information and links on dog-friendly beaches and parks. We like to support other local businesses, especially those that are friendly or cater to our pets.  Lemos Feed & Pet Supply, Farm Supply and Tails Pet Boutique are all local pet stores.

Kennels & Lodging

Due to COVID-19 are not currently taking any new lodging reservations.

Here’s a list of popular pet boarding facilities:


Due to COVID-19 our self-serve spa is currently closed.

Visit Animal Care Clinic to check out our self-serve spa, great for after those beach outings and muddy hikes!  In San Luis Obispo we have the following pet groomers:

Physical Therapy

There are no veterinary licensed pet physical therapists on the Central Coast that we are aware of.  If you are interested in a supervised swimming program, check out Splash in Morro Bay.

Dog Training, Agility & More

Obedience training, agility competitions, tracking events and even dog dancing are a great way to exercise and  socialize your dogs!  Our more active breeds of dogs can benefit greatly from these activities by giving them a job and creating a well-behaved member of the family.  Many of our clients and our own pets have benefitted from Canine Academy and/or Gentle Touch.
dog training

Traveling with Your Pets

Many people are choosing to travel with their pets by car, train, and airplane.  If you don’t know where to start, Healthy Pet has a great section with articles and planning guides for safe and fun travel with your pet.  Here are a few more sites to help get you started:

Health Certificates are required for most travel situations, so be sure to contact us for an appointment to be sure all of your pet’s health care needs are managed before you travel.  For international pet travel a good place to start is the USDA’s website.

Pet Therapy and Service

Animal Care Clinic salutes the service dogs of America who help people who are challenged by blindness, deafness, paralysis and even emotional & mental illness.  Guide Dogs of America is one of our favorite organizations since our Hospital Administrator, Stephanie Ruggerone, is very active with the group.  GDA raises and trains dogs to quide blind people and is always looking for new homes to serve as “puppy raisers.”  Guide Dogs for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence are similar organizations.  They are always looking for the right people to raise puppies for training or donations to assist getting trained animals to needed homes. Pet Partners is a non-profit group that trains and screens volunteers with their pets so they can visit hospitals, senior centers, schools, libraries and many other places.
These animals can make a significant difference in the lives of people by providing a safe place for physical contact, a soothing touch or just a fun interaction.  Studies have shown that petting an animal lowers the blood pressure and decreases stress in both the person and the animal!  Our own Dr. Greenberg has taken her dog, Mico, to visit with children at the library while learning to read.  We have many clients that take their approved pets into care facilities and make many people very happy. Canine Good Citizen certification by the American Kennel Club is a good place to start if you want to train your dog to be a therapy dog.  It is also a good process to go through if you might be renting or owning your own home.  Dogs that pass this test are known to have good manners and are viewed by many as better “citizens” than the average dog!

Find a Pet/Adoption

paw in handWhen choosing a new pet, think about your lifestyle, budget, time limitations and the real reason you want a pet. Will you want a long-haired or short-haired pet?  Large dog, small dog, cat or something else?  Can you exercise with your pet?  Will you want an exuberant breed or a more subdued companion?  Should you get a puppy/kitten or a more mature animal?  There are many on-line resources that can help you to sort through these questions and choose the proper pet for your household. Try a few of the following:

Alternatively, any of our doctors can talk with you about the pros and cons of different breeds and dogs and cats.  Our doctors have a lot of knowledge on activity level, trainability, grooming issues and common medical problems for all breeds of dogs and cats. There are many local humane groups and shelters where you can adopt a pet.  Consider visiting one of these facilities.  Remember that crossbred pets make wonderful pets and are often healthier and less expensive to obtain! For more help on choosing a dog and being a responsible dog owner, check out the American Kennel Club website.