Cardiac disease is very common among dogs and cats.  We can perform all the diagnostics and therapeutics needed for the vast majority of cardiac patients right here at ACC.  This includes digital thoracic x-ray, blood pressure monitoring and echocardiography.  If referral to a boarded cardiologist is needed, we will guide you in that process.


Vomiting, diarrhea and chronic weight loss are among the most common problems we see at Animal Care Clinic.  Our doctors are extremely adept at evaluating these cases and finding working solutions for your family.  We use the most advanced laboratory testing and therapeutic techniques, while focusing on diet, cost control and preventing discomfort in your pets.



Kidney failure is the top killer of cats in the US.  Bladder disease is extremely common in both dogs and cats.  Our thorough & innovative approach to urology will give you options and answers so you can do the right thing for your pets.



Diabetes, thyroid disease and disease of the adrenal gland are common in our pets & often emotionally trying.  Our doctors are very adept at diagnosing and managing these diseases and in working with you to help treatment work with your lifestyle.


Our in-house laboratory can provide stat lab results in a matter of minutes rather than the usual overnight situation.  We can better diagnose ear infections, skin disease and mass aspirates by performing cytology right here at ACC.  Of course, we work with one of the best commercial labs available to provide full laboratory support at more affordable pricing when results can wait.


Animal Care Clinic is uniquely equipped to handle your pets’ medical needs. We can accurately assess blood pressure with our Doppler Sphygmomanometer; access your pets nasal cavity and deep ear canals with our video scope; provide excellent diagnostic imaging with digital radiography, ultrasound and echocardiography; and provide complete intravenous fluid support and constant rate infusion of medications with our many IV fluid pumps.