Come join us for this fun-filled socialization class that will help your puppy become a polite family member and good citizen, and will teach you the basics of dog training while addressing common behavior problems. Animal Care Clinic’s Puppy Kindergarten Class is a 4-week course taught on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 in our spacious indoor training room.

Why Attend Puppy Kindergarten?

Would you consider locking your baby in their room, with virtually no visitors, until reaching junior high school age? Of course not! You know this would lead to tremendous behavioral problems! Yet that is what some people recommend we do to puppies.  Because puppies are not immune to disease until they have completed their vaccine series, they should not be allowed in areas frequented by other dogs until they are 5-6 months old (a canine teenager!) This is why Puppy Kindergarten was developed.

There are 3 main goals to Puppy Kindergarten:

1. To teach the owner to be the leader & teach the dog to respect the owner.
2. To socialize the dog to other dogs and people of all ages and sizes.
3. To introduce basic commands as a foundation for more advanced training.

The class is designed to be fun and the entire family is encouraged to attend. Children 13 years and older are welcome for all 4 classes.  We would appreciate if children younger than 13 years stay home until the 4th class (graduation night) so that we can get through important information with less distraction. Playtime, which is really bite inhibition, is a part of every session. We also teach basic health care and canine manners.

A great advantage is this class is veterinary supervised. All puppies must be on an approved vaccination program, and they must pass a physical exam before every session! The class is held in our “puppy room,” which is thoroughly disinfected before every class. Puppies who attend our class rarely have a fear of the “doctor’s office” as adults.

There are many things necessary to raise a healthy puppy. Vaccinations and nutrition are often touted as the most important, but we truly feel that proper training and socialization are equally important. The number one reason that dogs are euthanized in this country is because they are considered by their owners to be unruly. Don’t let your puppy fall into this category – start your training early!


Who Should Attend?

Every puppy who will be between 8 weeks and 4 months of age on the first day of class.
Even if you are an experienced dog trainer, your puppy will benefit from the socialization this class provides.

Participants must be properly immunized in order to attend class and must continue to be vaccinated at 3 week intervals throughout class. Proof of vaccination by a veterinarian will be required to enroll and maintain membership in class.

What to Bring:

  • Your puppy and your enthusiasm to learn!
  • A buckle collar and a leather or nylon leash. No chain leashes, retractable leashes or chain collars please!
  • A supply of your puppy’s favorite treats.

Class Size is Limited!  Sign Up Now!!

In order to assure quality, individual attention, only 12 puppies will be in each class. Reserve your spot now by filling out the registration form, providing us with vaccine information and paying the $125.00 registration fee.