After taking the x-ray, Dr. Markoff made an incision below the area of the object.  She was able to find a metal pellet within some scar tissue!  Dr. Markoff closed up the incision area.  Brewster went home with some pain medication and had antibiotics at home to finish.  As Brewster ™s owner got him at Animal Services, it is unlikely we will ever know his history before being adopted out.  Our best guess is that a pellet gun was fired and the pellet bounced off of the ground and into the dog, without doing any additional damage!

Brewster is doing great now and healing up well!  Brewster is cute and well-mannered little dog!  We are so happy that Brewster has found a great new owner and that we were able to have solved his mystery!

What do you think happened to Brewster?  If you have any ideas about what happened to Brewster we would love to hear what you think!

Brewster's chin is healing, this picture taken 2 weeks after surgery.