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PetsMatter Newsletter March/April 2011

PetsMatter Newsletter is written by the American Animal Hospital Association with a dose of pet health, behavior and lifestyle articles from veterinary professionals. Articles featured in this issue include: Expert Explores Unexplained Animal Behavior Bringing a New Kitten Home Cats Get Arthritis Too I Want to Be a Veterinarian When I Grow Up Does the [...]

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Pet Joint Care

Osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease are very common in pet dogs and cats of all ages. Your pet should have the ability to run, play, and move about freely and without aches and pains. The staff of Animal Care Clinic can help provide your pet with years of comfort!

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Animal Care Tips – Joint Pain

One of the most common problems I treat on a daily basis is joint pain. Some joint disease is congenital: an animal is born with bones that do not line up properly, or ligaments are loose and allow the bones to move too much. This prevents smooth movement of the joint and causes wear to [...]

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