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Animal Care Tips – Hypertension

Last week I saw Susie, a middle aged Labrador who suddenly went blind. Over the previous 18 months, there had been a few episodes of blood in one eye, but these had resolved. Now Susie had partially detached retinas, inflammation in her eyes and no vision in either eye. Examination revealed no other clues aside [...]

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Animal Care Tips – Kidney Failure

With the recent pet food recall, kidney failure has become a hot topic. The kidneys are responsible for many processes in the body. They maintain hydration, determine how much urine a pet produces, balance phosphorous and calcium levels, filter out toxins and breakdown products from protein use, maintain red blood cell counts and help to [...]

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Animal Care Tips – Kidney Disease

    Last week we looked at bladder disease and today we will look at the kidneys.  Kidney failure is the number one killer of cats in the United States and is a common problem among dogs.  As animals age, the effectiveness of the kidneys slowly wanes.  We won ™t see outward signs of decreased kidney [...]

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