Cody A few years after I became a veterinarian, I hospitalized a young tabby cat for a urinary blockage. That cat ™s name was Cody, and due to unfortunate circumstances with his owner, he became our hospital cat. That was 15 years ago. Most of you who have visited Animal Care Clinic have met Cody, either wandering along the front desk or sleeping near our coffee bar. Cody was the quintessential cat. The clinic was clearly his domain and we were there simply to meet his needs. If there was an emergency in the morning and Cody wasn ™t fed on time, we would hear about it – loudly and incessantly until the faux pas was corrected. When we moved from our original 2000 sq. ft. facility into our current 10,000 sq. ft. mansion, Cody walked around and seemed to say, œIt ™s about time you built me the kind of home I deserve.  There is a saying that œdogs have people and cats have servants.  We think Cody originated that thought. Cody was a wonderful servant himself. He saved countless lives by donating blood – and he never even got a cup of orange juice for it. Working in a veterinary hospital is one of the most emotionally taxing jobs there is. Cody has acted as our therapist for the last 15 years. After euthanizing a beloved pet, he would come and sit in our laps or rub up against our legs. His presence was so comforting. We euthanized Cody on February 17. He had been battling a brain disease with honor and courage for many months. We miss him greatly and know that our loyal clients will miss him too. Thank you, Cody, for showing us how to live life with your head held high, no matter the circumstance.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP