I thought we ™d take a break from our anatomical tour to remind of two summertime maladies. Foxtails (grass awns) are everywhere right now. We are removing them from noses, ears and toes and other orifices! Please keep your dogs & cats away from fields of dry grass. Check between your dogs toes every night and remove all stickers. Dogs with long hair should have their feet, and perhaps their whole bodies trimmed. If your pet is squinting, shaking its head, licking its feet or otherwise acting strange, see your veterinarian right away.
Fireworks noise has already started. This makes many pets very nervous and some even become destructive. Sedatives may help, but can make things worse. We recommend keeping your pets on the interior of the house with all windows closed and the TV or radio playing loudly. It may help for you to stay with them. Taking your pet on a drive away from fireworks areas on the fourth may also help. If you feel your pet needs sedatives, or if this year is a real problem for you, start early next year. Our Dr. Evans can help you with sound desensitization – but you have to start in January.
All of us at Animal Care Clinic wish you a happy & safe Fourth of July!

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP