This is National Pet Dental Health Month. Dentistry is one of those areas where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – maybe more like a ton of cure! I ™m sure that almost everyone reading this article brushes their teeth twice daily, flosses at least every now and then, and still has their teeth cleaned at least once a year. Try to imagine what your smile would look like if you brushed your teeth only once a week or once a month for 5-6 years! If we would care for our pets ™ teeth the way we do our own, our pets would avoid much pain and discomfort, you would save money, and most œdog  breath would go away! Our veterinary nursing team can teach you to brush your dog ™s or cat ™s teeth, and you should do it daily. We even have poultry and fish flavored toothpaste! Never use human toothpaste to brush your pet ™s teeth – our toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed! We also recommend cleaning your pet ™s teeth under anesthesia once a year – if you really brush every day, we may be able to do cleanings every 2 years.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP