3 surgeonsIf you have been a client of Animal Care Clinic for a very long time, you may recognize this photo of my nephew, Kevin McAbee, who worked at ACC in the 90 ™s while he attended Cal Poly. He is now a board certified veterinary surgeon in Denver. I recently worked on a case along with Dr. O ™Reilly of Stenner Creek Vet Hospital in SLO: little Gracie was leaking urine on the couch. This is a common problem that can have many causes. We did extensive testing here in San Luis trying to find out why Gracie was leaking, but none of the usual suspects were found. What we did find was some very unusual œplumbing.  Gracie ™s anatomy was not normal internally and this needed to be fixed. I presented the problem to several surgeons, but only Kevin was excited about trying to help Gracie, so last week Gracie and I went to Colorado. We had a multitude of specialists at our disposal to help Gracie. A specialist DVM is one who has years of additional training in a very specific field, such as cardiology, neurology or surgery. After the training, a series of specialty exams must be passed. We had a radiologist help us map out Gracie ™s œplumbing  with special dye studies. Internists helped with thoughts on urinary tract disease, and three surgeons worked together to reroute Gracie ™s urine.

While my ABVP status is considered a species specialty and I must take specialty board exams every 10 years, we often refer our patients to veterinary specialists in specific medical areas. We have a radiologist, ophthalmologist and surgeon in our area, and can help clients find other specialists outside SLO county. Come see us for all your pets ™ needs.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP