obese catWe have been looking at wellness recommendations for pets this year. Weight control is one of the best things you can work on in order to lengthen your pets ™ life. At Animal Care Clinic, we estimate that at least 75% of our patients are overweight. Recent studies have shown that fit large breed dogs who were fed limited meals live 2 years longer than those that are overweight and free fed. The difference for smaller breeds and cats is likely even greater. The best way to control weight is to start early – prevention is truly worth a pound of cure! Feed both dogs and cats in meals – each animal gets its own bowl and do not allowing sharing! Be sure that all animals get plenty of exercise. Limit treats to low calorie, small sized snacks. Dogs that beg for treats are rarely hungry – they have just been trained to want treats. It is up to you to say œno  and thus train them not to beg.

Once an animal is overweight, it can be tricky to get the weight off. A full doctor exam is necessary to rule out medical causes of weight gain. Many overweight pets have arthritis pain and cannot lose weight without pain control. Our entire staff is trained to help you with weight loss strategies for your pets.

February is National Weight Check month. Bring your pets in for a free weight evaluation. We will explain body condition scoring and help you to get pets fit and trim! Call us or stop by for more information.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP