Thirteen years ago, Doris Day started a national event to draw attention to the need for spaying and neutering dogs and cats in the United States. In San Luis County, this event, known as Spay Day USA, has expanded to 6 weeks. Many veterinary clinics provide discounted surgeries or expand availability for spay/neuter appointments during this time. Animal Care Clinic is participating through the end of March.

There are many benefits to altering pets. Spaying eliminates any chance of uterine or ovarian cancer, and dogs or cats spayed before coming into heat virtually never develop breast cancer. Neutering will eliminate any chance of testicular cancer and greatly diminishes episodes of prostatic hypertrophy and infection. Animals that have been altered need less food to maintain a healthy weight. Spayed females do not attract males and have no risk of developing life threatening uterine infections. Altered males are usually less aggressive, roam less and may be less inclined to urine mark things. Most importantly, spaying and neutering eliminates unwanted pregnancy. Tens of thousands of homeless animals are euthanized in California every year! Consider donating to a local animal shelter so you can help more pets in our county to be altered. If you have questions about spaying or neutering pets, give us a call.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP