There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!  This week’s articles are all related to animal behavior.  Training tips, techniques and behavior problems are some of our most common questions.   Hopefully you’ll find the information is some of these articles useful and interesting!


Dog pee – it’s kind of their Facebook profile – A study recently published in Animal Behaviour found that female dogs are just as likely to mark with urine as males.  Much of this has to do with pecking order.

Canine Corner:  Human intellect is key to avoiding incidents with stray dogs – Read more here about dog bit prevention.  Broad estimates show that 10-12% of dog bites are from strays, so learn how to avoid dangerous encounters.

Hope for dogs with storm or noise phobias – A common phobia dogs have is being scared of the noise from storms.  This article has some helpful information on how to help your four-legged friend cope with and get over their storm phobia.

Female Dogs Aren’t Easily Fooled – In a research project aimed at studying physical understanding of objects dog’s see showed results researchers weren’t expecting.  Male dogs tend to use scent more and female dogs paid closer attention to what they could see.

Declawing cats should be a last resort – This article explains the surgery of declawing and some things about it many people may not know.  The veterinarian also explains some other options to try before using declawing as a last resort option.

Pet Talk:  Curb your cat’s conniptions at the vet – It is very common for cats to throw tantrums when they visit the vet, especially if they are not exposed to other people frequently.  Learn some tips to make your cat’s vet visits less interesting, which will make the entire experience easier on you, your vet, and less stressful for your cat.

MRI Anxiety Eased by Therapy Dog” – One 16-year old girl found that when she needed an MRI because of frequent headaches it helped to calm her by petting her dog for 15 minutes prior, allowing doctors to get better quality images because this is such a motion sensitive test.  Since then many other patients have benefitted from the same therapy.

Cats rub to say ‘Hi’ not ‘I’m Hungry‘” – With pet obesity on the rise, it is important that we read cues from our pet’s well.  Don’t mistake your cat rubbing against your leg to mean that they want food.

Start socializing puppy before completing vaccination schedule – Don’t wait for the final round of vaccines to begin socializing your puppy, as this period is the most important and influential time for socialization.  Instead find a puppy kindergarten class and start around 7-8 weeks old if possible.

When owners stay, the cat’s can play – Regular interactive playtime with your cat can reduce boredom, misbehavior and even keep your cat healthier!

Kittens learn to be class acts at kindergarten – Trainers and veterinarians are beginning to offer Kitten Kindergarten classes across the U.S.  Classes are designed to help with behavior and social skills that will make for a happier adult cat.

So long litter-box:  These cats are potty-trained! – Learn how to train your cat to use the toilet instead of a litter-box.  IT can be done, but takes planning and patience!