There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!  This week’s articles are all related to animal behavior.  Training tips, techniques and behavior problems are some of our most common questions.   Hopefully you’ll find the information is some of these articles useful and interesting!


This Business Grows Every Time Fido Does His” – Growing pet populations feed the need for scooping services
The U.S. pet dog population has tripled since 1960, bringing three times the animal waste along with it. About 500 small local companies and three national pooper-scooper franchises are capitalizing on consumers’ desire to have someone else clean up after their dogs. Many of the companies highlight the public health benefits of having the waste properly removed, to keep it from spreading parasites to humans and other animals and prevent it from washing into water bodies and feeding algae blooms that kill fish.

Spring allergies” – Pets are prone to seasonal allergies
Allergies are a problem right now for people and pets.  Allergies can be exhibited in problems with skin, ear infections, and respiratory issues.  Owners should see their vet if your pet is exhibiting excessive scratching, hair loss, chewing, and inflamed or raw skin.

When a Pet’s Love is all You Have Left” – Caring for the pets of newly homeless people
A growing number of people in Portland, Ore., are finding themselves newly homeless and living on the streets with their dogs. Shelters in the city and many others across the country don’t allow people to bring their pets, so owners opt to keep the bond with their animals and brave the great outdoors. Volunteers including Amy Sacks, founder of The Pixie Project, have increased their outreach efforts to help homeless pet owners find free clinics for spaying and neutering, vaccines and other basic veterinary care.

Just a dog, yes, but he taught our dog the perils of skipping doctor’s visits” – Dog’s dental damage highlights dangers of skipping veterinary visits
This family put off veterinary care for their dog, knowing what needed to be done, but other seemingly more pressing matter kept popping up.  This family learned the hard way that sometimes it is cheaper to take care of the issue before it blows up into a bigger problem.

Help your pet deal with aging issues” – Tips to make life easier for aging pets Learn way to make life a little easier for aging pets as arthritis and hearing loss begin to kick in.  Make the transition through life stages easier on you both.

Mama Moose and Jack” – Human-animal bond is applicable to more than just domestic pet This is a great story about a college girl befriending a moose!  Not a likely pairing!

Running with Fido: Looking for a reliable training partner?  Here’s some tips for jogging with your pet” – Tips for safely starting a running regimen with your dog Running together can give you and your dog a good workout, provided the animal is of an age, size and breed that’s well-suited to the exercise. Start with a visit to the vet who knows your dog and have the animal thoroughly checked out before beginning, advises AVMA President-elect Rene A. Carlson.