There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!

This week:

Human and Animal Health

Health of humans and our fellow mammals can be very closely related.  No matter whether it’s how our lives interact and impact that of wild species (or vice versa) or discoveries that have been made through scientific studies, there are many important ties.  Today we have some recent stories that showcase our relationship.

“Under-the-radar tick diseases spreading across the U.S.”

“Uncontrolled disease in dogs threatens wildlife, humans in remote B.C. areas”

“Shar-Pei Dogs Shed Light on Human Fever Syndromes”

“Supermoon Lunacy: Does the Moon Make Us Crazy?”

Exotic Animals & Livestock

Here are some fun stories about veterinarians and animals that we do not regularly interact with at Animal Care Clinic.  How many vets does it take to examine a gorilla?  How does body language relate to communication 101 with livestock?  How do you fix a hawk’s broken wing or treat glaucoma in an elephant?  These are some stories you’ll learn about below!

“Veterinarian helps put red-tailed hawk back in the air”

“Dancing with sheep or cattle takes practice for producers”

“Paignton Zoo’s elephant Duchess has glaucoma”

“Gorilla checkup provides international insight”


Human-Animal Bond in History

There have been several stories recently about archeological findings of the relationship between man and dog that goes way back!  This is a bond that goes further in history than many originally thought!

“Indians, dogs were companions in life and death centuries ago”

“Clues dug up: France and lap dogs go way back”

“Millions of Mummy Puppies Revealed at Egyptian Catacombs”