There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!

This week: With the tragedy following the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan there have been many stories recently focusing on search and rescue, radiation, and ways to donate. Well below you can find it all in one place!

Check out this podcast by the AVMA with an update on the Japan disaster!

Disaster Preparedness

In light of the Japan tragedy that is ongoing many are thinking more about how they can prepare for any possible disasters.  Here in California on the central coast, earthquakes are probably on the top of the list.   Natural disasters come when we least expect them and the best way to come through safely is to be prepared ahead of time and to have an outline of a plan on what to do.  There are several resources you can look for information:

American Veterinary Medical Association – Their website page on the Japan disaster under the news section has links for everything from disaster preparedness and emergency response guides, podcasts, videos, travel warnings, and radiation safety coming from various government sources.

FEMA Information for Pet Owners – This web page has information on how to plan for pet disaster needs, how to prepare to shelter your pet, what to do during a disaster, and what to do after a disaster.

AAHA – This pet owner resource has a couple of great articles with information on what questions you should be asking ahead of time and links to other resources as well as how to care for your pets during emergencies.

Places to Donate for Relief

American Veterinary Medical Foundation – The AVMF has a Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund.  According to the AVMF this fund is “designated to support state and national disaster relief efforts. Grants are provided for immediate disaster needs, but more importantly, to help provide training, disaster preparedness and response planning to ensure those organizations, states and or communities are disaster ready.” – This site had an article on “How to be Entrepreneurial with Giving.”  We cannot vouch for all of the organizations listed in this article, however it mentions many different organizations that are either directly donating or collecting donations for Japan.  As always be cautious before donating to an organization you are not familiar with.

Notable News Stories

In a battered Japan, dogs search for human survivors” – This article talks about how many search and rescue teams traveled to Japan using dogs to find human survivors.  Many of these teams came from the United States and quite a few originally from California.

There have been many stories on groups working to rescue animals ranging from pets to livestock to wildlife amidst the Japan disaster.  Below are some touching stories, with heart-wrenching photos and video, about working to rescue animals and the reunions that follow.

-“Rescue Operations in Japan Target the Country’s Furry Friends

-“From Porpoise to Pets, Animal Rescue Efforts Intensify

-“Japan’s pet survivors face post-tsunami struggle

-“Helping pets in post-disaster Japan

-“Video of Loyal Dog in Japan Reveals Canines’ Social Roots

With the impending danger and ups and downs at the nuclear power plant in Japan, the concern over radiation exposure has been a popular news story.  Most of what we have heard is regarding radiation found in food and the worry of a radiation cloud traveling towards the United States.  In the article “Pet Owners Worried about Radiation Cloud,” a UC Davis veterinarian discusses the risks to giving your pet potassium iodide tablets.

“Joy as Dog, Owner Greet after Tsunami” – This most recent story is heart wrenching about the dog that survived for 3 weeks at sea floating on a roof!  Everyone should watch the video on this amazing story!