We always need to be prepared to take care of our animals, especially during emergencies. With fire season underway in California, Pet Fire Safety Day is an excellent reminder to review your game plan in the event of a fire in or around your home. Here are some tips and resources to get you started.

  • Never leave a candle or open flame unsupervised around your pets
  • Secure loose or damaged wires around your home – especially if your pet might like to chew on them
  • Keep your pet’s carrier (labeled with your contact information) and/or leash in a place you can find it fast
  • Use window decals so emergency crews will know you have pets in your residence – this is helpful if you are unable to remove your pets from your home
  • Have a list saved on your cell phone of medications your pet takes – this will make it easier if you have to evacuate quickly and need to refill prescriptions
  • A shoebox with a trash can liner can double as a litter box in an emergency
  • Make sure you have a photo of you with your pet which can help establish identification should they become lost – now is a good time to update their microchip information

Any time your pet has been through stress or unexpected change of routine, they may need more rest or sleep to recover. After a fire, familiar scents may have changed and this can be confusing to animals. Comfort each other – the simple act of petting and snuggling can reduce anxiety for both you and your pets. If you notice any signs of stress, discomfort, or illness, contact us to schedule a checkup.

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