These simple safety tips from our friends at Trupanion can help you avoid some not-so holly jolly holiday hazards.

Oh, Christmas Tree – Tinsel, Ribbons, and Bows, Oh My!

Timber! Keep your tree securely upright to protect your climbing cat or excited dog. Clean up pine needles frequently, and use a tight fitting tree skirt to restrict your pet’s access to the tree’s water. Both can be harmful if ingested. Consumed, broken, or chewed decorations can cause serious health problems. To avoid this, keep tinsel, ornaments, and wrapping paper out of reach and tuck string light cords out of sight.

Poisonous Plants

Decking the halls with boughs of holly (and mistletoe and poinsettias) may bring the holiday spirit, but if your pet ingests any of these plants, they can get very sick. Keep these holiday plants our of paws’ reach or opt for artificial plants instead.

Candle Calamity

Keep Menorah and other candles far enough away from pets that they can’t knock them over and potentially start a fire. Consider choosing electric candles instead; flameless candles flicker just like the real thing, but without the fire risk.

Snow Globe No-No

Snow globes can contain ethylene glycol, better known as antifreeze. If you drop or break one, they can cause a lot of harm, especially to your small dog, puppy, or cat. If they lick the liquid, immediately go to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.

Festive Food Fiascos

It’s best to keep your cat or dog on their regular diet during the holidays.

Ringing in the New Year

Fireworks, poppers, and champagne make for an exciting New Year celebrations for people, but your pet might feel otherwise. Keep them relaxed by providing a quiet room with a fan, TV, or music playing to create white noise.

Party People

Lots of unfamiliar faces and loud talking can stress our pets out. Exercise your dog beforehand and give them a special chew toy to keep them distracted. If they still seem stressed, put them in a quiet room away from all the commotion. Cats will probably hide all on their own.