by Natalie Borgardt   With the increased attention on displaced pets due to fires, hurricanes and earthquakes, it seemed the right time to review microchips. Many owners rely on collars and ID tags to ensure their pets get home safely. However, collars can break or fall off and countless unidentified strays end up shelters each year.

Good samaritans in San Luis Obispo regularly bring found pets into the clinic so we can scan for microchips. The reunions are heartwarming for the families as well as our staff. It’s not surprising that our experiences with the human/animal bond make the Doctors and staff at Animal Care Clinic strong advocates of microchips.

Recently this sweet dog was found and brought into the clinic. He had a microchip. However when we contacted the manufacturer, we discovered the chip had never been registered. The rescue that administered the microchip was in Pennsylvania and was a dead end.

So what can you do? Ensure every pet in your home is micro-chipped and the issuing company has at least two contact phone numbers. If you’re unsure which manufacturer to contact, stop by the clinic and we can scan the chip and give you a toll free number to update your contact information. If you’ve lost or found a pet, we also recommend posting with a photo on Craigslist and on Facebook pages Lost Pets of SLO County and 805 Pets. Many families have been happily reunited through these efforts.