Harley-with-JenThis special little guy is Harley.  We met Harley 12 years ago when he had his first puppy exam just 3 days after Christmas!  He has been a patient at ACC ever since.  In April of this year, Harley developed very severe skin lesions and also some enlarged lymph nodes.  Dr. Evans was worried that he might have a systemic (body-wide) problem and maybe even a cancer.  She knew the fastest way to an answer was a biopsy and some lab work.  These tests revealed a bladder infection and also a type of skin mite called Demodex.  Demodex is usually a disease of puppies, so Dr. Evans was worried that Harley’s immune system might not be working well.  She started a course of treatment and it worked!  The bladder infection is gone and so is the Demodex!  It took a while, but Harley’s skin looks wonderful and he feels great!  Kudos to his “parents” for hanging in there! We love unexpected success stories!