Lennox with Dr. Greenberg and his owner

Say” hello” to Lennox, a 9 year old Scotty (Scottish Terrier).  Several months ago, Lennox started acting funny and he was whining and shaking a lot.  Not long after this, he began to have seizures.  They came on quickly and were quite frequent, so our friends at the Central Coast Pet Emergency clinic saw him late at night and were able to stabilize Lennox.  Animal Care Clinic’s Dr. Greenberg had already done a complete medical work-up and knew it was time to see a veterinary neurologist for an MRI.

Lennox’s parents took him to Orange County, where our friends a the Veterinary Neurology Center found some trouble with his MRI images and cerebrospinal fluid.  Poor Lennox had encephalitis.  Thanks to Dr. Greenberg and our wonderful referral network, Lennox is now on medication that has stopped the seizures altogether!  We are so happy to see him getting back to his normal happy self!