MiraSay Hello to Mira!  This little puppy showed up at Animal Care Clinic after an amazing young couple drove to the central valley to rescue her from the streets.  During her first visit, Dr. Markoff diagnosed Sarcoptic mange, hip dysplasia and diarrhea that could have been the beginnings of either parvovirus or distemper.  The necessary diagnostic and treatment plan to give her the best chance at a great life was potentially very involved and expensive, and her prognosis was not good.  Mira-and-LynsdeyThis young couple simply could not afford to care for the little waif.  Dr. Markoff and her team took Mira in and housed her in our isolation unit since several of her issues were contagious.  Luckily, she did not have parvovirus or distemper and her diarrhea was easily resolved.  We treated her mange and she is now growing up to be the sweetest little girl!  She still has hip dysplasia and only time will tell how severe that problem will be, but for now she is running and playing with the pets of the Animal Care Clinic team.  Mira found a home with one of our veterinary assistants, Lyndsey!  She is super sweet and already found her place in her new home!