by Stephanie Ruggerone

The Veterinarians and staff at Animal Care Clinic have seen many new bundles of joy recently for puppy wellness exams over the past few weeks. What better way to ring in a Central Coast New Year than the antics of a puppy! It doesn’t matter what breed or “mix,” they’
re all ADORABLE… at least at the beginning. Raising a great companion takes work!

While physical health is extremely important, we also want puppy parents to pay close attention to the mental health of their new family member. It is never too early to start age appropriate socialization and training. What a puppy is exposed to during the first sixteen weeks of life are critical to development of temperament, self confidence and self control. How an adult dog behaves and perceives the world depends largely on his experiences as a pup. Our Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Etiquette classes are great opportunities for safe puppy interaction, positive learning experiences and bonding with their family.

At Animal Care Clinic we want to be your “partner” in raising a happy, healthy, secure and well mannered life long companion. We love to help puppies and their new owners off to a good start and always available to answer questions regarding health and behavior.