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Cushing’s Disease

Meet Max

Max with veterinary assistant, Zack Max is an 11 year old Maltese that came to see Dr. Markoff in 2012 for some frustrating skin issues.  He had been diagnosed with a type of mite called Demodex.  Because this diagnosis came while he was an adult, a specialist dermatologist was concerned that he might [...]

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Animal Care Tips – Hypertension

Last week I saw Susie, a middle aged Labrador who suddenly went blind. Over the previous 18 months, there had been a few episodes of blood in one eye, but these had resolved. Now Susie had partially detached retinas, inflammation in her eyes and no vision in either eye. Examination revealed no other clues aside [...]

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Animal Care Tips – Endocrine Problems

We reviewed normal endocrinology, or hormonal function, last week. Things can really go awry when the hormones get out of whack. Dogs are quite susceptible to low thyroid problems. this can lead to hair loss, weight gain, lethargy and even neurologic issues such as seizures. Cats tend to get high thyroid levels and become more [...]

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