Max with veterinary assistant, Zack

Max is an 11 year old Maltese that came to see Dr. Markoff in 2012 for some frustrating skin issues.  He had been diagnosed with a type of mite called Demodex.  Because this diagnosis came while he was an adult, a specialist dermatologist was concerned that he might have an immune system suppressing disease called Cushing’s disease.  Dr. Markoff did a very thorough medical work-up and determined that there were not other diseases besides the demodex mites, but that Max was likely to struggle with these non-contagious mites for his whole life.


Max’s poor skin before when dealing with mites and MSRP infection

During his treatment, Dr. Tao determined that he had developed a bacterial skin infection that was resistant to many antibiotics.  This infection is called MSRP (like MSRA in people.)  Diligent therapy and a great owner are allowing Max to be totally comfortable with no signs of skin infections!  You go Max!