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FDA Announcement Regarding Flea/Tick Products

by Bonnie Markoff   Several news agencies are reporting that the FDA has put out warnings about certain tick control products.  Please be advised that this is not new information and is nothing to worry about.  The flea and tick control products called Bravecto, Nexgard, Credelio and Simparica have been associated with a very low rate [...]

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Sentinel Flea Control

Sentinel is a product we highly recommend at Animal Care Clinic. We can go through a parasite evaluation to determine the best parasite prevention program for your pet and family. Please watch this video to learn more about Sentinel then give us a call!

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Animal Care Tips – Freezing Fleas

While we have been enduring freezing temperatures on the Central Coast and watching many agricultural industries suffer, I thought I would put a positive spin on the cold spell. In our beach communities, we generally tell people that we have flea problems all year ˜round. Fleas like our temperate climate. The repeated frosty mornings should [...]

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