Recycle, Reuse, and Donate!

Before throwing away old towels, toys, blankets, leashes or other pet supplies, call our local shelter or 40 Prado (yes, they have pets too) and see if they are in need.



Soak up the sun!

We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful area and it’s great to spend time outdoors together. Let your pet air dry after a bath (if their coat allows it). Skip the drive to the gym and enjoy some of the wonderful pet friendly trails or visit a local dog beach.


Don’t overfeed!

Not only is it better for long term health, but it also cuts back on the resources it takes to produce their food. As a bonus, feeding your pet less means they produce less poop, meaning less to pick up in the yard or scoop from the litterbox. If you use biodegradable poop bags, you can add it to your compost bin too.

Click the link to learn why our doctors recommend against grain free diets.