by Mercy McClendon  

We know the biggest day of the year (for football fans anyway) is this Sunday! Super Bowl Sunday is about more than just football, funny commercials, and half time shows. It’s a day to gather with friends, snack on yummy foods, and wish you didn’t have to work the next day. The last thing on most pet owner’s minds is the potential danger it brings for your furry family members. The ASCPA Animal Poison Control Center recently shared the top 5 most common calls they receive on Super Bowl Sunday.

  1. Alcohol

Need to quickly run to the bathroom before kick off? Well, don’t leave your Miller Lite glass unattended or else Fido might help himself.

  1. Garlic & Onion

These commonly used ingredients can cause some serious damage to your pet’s health. And it’s not just the raw or cooked kind either, powder can be dangerous too.

  1. Cannabis

According to the ASCPA, these “special” baked goods are commonly found by our pets not only on Super Bowl Sunday, but the day after as well.

  1. Rich Foods

Raise your hand if you’re going to have wings this Sunday! I know I will, along with greasy chips, creamy dips, and probably some pizza. Well guess what, your dog just raised his paw too.

  1. Human Medications

Anytime you have guests in your home, the potential for your pets to “get into things” increases. Be sure to have a safe and secure spot for people’s purses and belongings.

Check out the full ASPCA article for more tips on how to keep your pets safe this Sunday.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday from ACC!


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