by Jennifer Evans   Our Veterinarian’s often see pets for urinary issues which can impact the busy lifestyle many enjoy throughout the San Luis Obispo area. “Smalls” came to see Dr. Greenberg because she suddenly started having urinary accidents in the house.  A bladder infection was found and she was treated with appropriate antibiotics based on culture results.  Initially she got better but then she started having accidents again.

Most bladder infections in dogs clear up very quickly with the right antibiotic so Dr. Greenberg looked deeper.  She found bladder stones on ultrasound so she took x-rays to better measure and visualize the stones. It looked like there was a clump of bladder stones but when Dr. Evans did surgery to remove them, she just found this single, odd shaped stone.

The stone has been sent to the lab for analysis so we can figure out why “Smalls” formed it, and what we can do in the future to prevent “Smalls” from growing more of them.