by Marissa Greenberg, DVM

Even though your pet may seem healthy to you, our veterinarians recommend yearly exams for all of our patients. A yearly exam consists of examining all of your pet and his or her body systems. It also includes talking to you about your family and your pet’s lifestyle, exercise, food and water consumption, and your pet’s behavior. From the information we get from asking you questions and doing our physical exam, we may be able to pick up on things that you were unaware of that could in fact be problematic. This may include broken teeth, weight changes, skin and hair coat changes that may indicat
e an underlying hormone issue, or behavior issues that we can help you address, just to name a few. We may be able to catch things early, and sometimes intervene in very simple ways that can improve your pet’s quality and quantity of life, even before you ever see symptoms of a problem. These yearly visits also help us address your pet’s preventative health care needs, which includes which vaccines they need, what parasite control option is best for your pet and family, or what blood tests may be recommended. Please call our animal hospital to make an appointment for your furry four-legged friend’s yearly exam, we look forward to meeting with you!