by Natalie Borgardt   California has seen many wildfires throughout 2017. The recent fires nearing Santa Barbara have brought smoke and ash to the Central Coast. This air can include many irritants which can adversely affect the health of people and their pets. Below are signs your pet may show and can range from mild to severe depending on the degree of exposure.

Wildfire Smoke in SLO County

  • Eye signs include: squinting, inflammation underneath the eyelid, discharge from the eye, itching with pets pawing at the eyes, redness or bloodshot appearance.
  • Respiratory signs include: cough, nasal discharge, sneezing, wheezing, increased respiratory rates, increased effort to breathe, straightening the neck to make breathing easier.

To reduce the risks of allergy triggers from wildfires, limit outdoor activities, keep windows closed and set heating/air-conditioning systems to re-circulation. Don’t hesitate to contact our office should your pet exhibit any eye or respiratory issues and we can schedule an examination with one of our Veterinarians. For more information about local air quality, go to SLO County APCD.