I hope you are reading your paper early today, because we are having an open house and would love to meet you. Come down to Animal Care Clinic between 9am and 2pm today and let us show you around! You can start by meeting our newest doctor! Marissa Greenberg has joined us this week as our fourth veterinarian. She is a graduate of Washington State University and earned her undergraduate degree right here at Cal Poly. Dr Greenberg is a very progressive and compassionate veterinarian. She has a special interest in pain control and internal medicine. I think you will also enjoy her kind heart and fun sense of humor. Our entire facility will be open to tours today. You can enter the surgery suite and see what it is like to œscrub and gown  for a procedure! You can see how our dental equipment works and even give it a try! You can watch live ECG ™s and ultrasound studies – you will actually be able to see an animal ™s heart beating on
the ultrasound screen! You can also tour our pet lodge and spa. We are also hosting a blood drive and bone marrow registration (for people only!). Please come by for this vital function. As we enter the summer months,blood is in short supply and we desperately need donations. You ™ll get a free Papa Murphy ™s pizza for donating. The bone marrow registry is very easy – just a small sample of blood is needed (which can be taken from your donation). I would not be alive today were it not for the marrow transplant program at the City of Hope. Please come register so you can help save a life. We value our clients, patients and the readers of this column tremendously and would truly like to thank you in person. Please come see us today. You ™ll be glad you did.

by Bonnie Markoff, DVM, ABVP