Rain is infrequent here on the Central Coast leaving many pet parents frustrated when their dogs don’t want to go outside to potty. Unless your dog likes playing in the ocean, chances are they haven’t had much experience being wet. This can be especially true for puppies if squirt bottles are used for correction. Here are our top tips to make going potty in the rain a more positive experience.

Wait till they’re ready, then wait some more

If it’s actively raining, it’s alright to wait a little longer before taking them out to potty. It can help them be ready and get everyone back inside sooner.

Grab their leash and a large umbrella

Wet paws are one thing, having water falling from the sky onto you is quite another. It may take some patience, but most dogs will usually potty this way, eager to get back inside. If you can’t be home, your dog may appreciate a rain shelter where they can access the grass without being directly in the rain.

Go for walks

Continuing with familiar routines can reassure your dog that everything is alright and exercise can help with elimination. Don’t skip the puddles, your dog may learn to enjoy them. If your dog is comfortable with clothing, they may appreciate a raincoat or booties during wet weather.

Get excited

When they’re all finished, really celebrate to reinforce the positive experience. Above all, be patient as dogs can pick up on our emotions. 

Prepare before the next rain

Try taking their food dish outside and feed them on wet grass. The more positive experience they have with wet paws the less it will bother them. Offer treats while you clean and dry their paws too!