There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!  This week’s articles are all related to animal behavior.  Training tips, techniques and behavior problems are some of our most common questions.   Hopefully you’ll find the information is some of these articles useful and interesting!

This week we have a bunch of articles relating to summertime!  Here are some articles on summertime tips, traveling with your pet, mosquito season and pet-friendly hotels.

What to Know When Traveling With Your Pet” – Tips for ensuring pet safety during summer travel
Travel has increased in recent years as more U.S. owners opt to take their animal companions along for family trips, and so has incidents involving pets. This article from the New York Times offers tips for keeping pets safe during travel such as providing the right carrier, booking flights early and keeping pets in comfortable kennels.

Buttoned Up: Pet care requires planning” – Tips to keep pets safe and cool all summer long From a blog aimed at taking the stress out of busy women’s lives,this article lists5 items to check off your list to make sure everything is in order for your pet this summer.

How to keep Fido clear of summer hazards” – Keeping dogs safe in the summer heat Summertime means outdoor fun for both pets and their people, but it also can present hazards for dogs in the form of such things as overheating and sunburn. This article offers tips for protecting pooches from summertime perils by providing them with easy access to water and shade, taking them out for walks in the late afternoon or early morning and keeping them clear of outdoor grills while they are in use.

The New Science of Understanding Dog Behavior” – Expert offers advice on keeping dogs happy From National Public Radio, here’s an interesting article extracted from a Fresh Air segment.  Keeping dogs psychologically healthy requires a great deal of responsibility from canine owners, says animal behaviorist John Bradshaw and author of a book titled “Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.”

Keep your four-legged friends safe this summer driving season” – Safety should be a priority for owners traveling with pets Many pet owners will be among those who hit the road this summer for a holiday with their families and furry companions, alike. Car travel with an animal can be distracting for humans and uncomfortable for the pet.  This article offers a series of tips, attributed to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), for making vehicular travel easier and safer for all.

Pet Talk: Heartworm prevention needed now more than ever” – Columnist: Heartworm is now found in all 50 states Heartworm is a parasite that was once thought to be found primarily in the Southern United States, but not any more.  It has now been found in all 50 states, making it important for pet owners to know about it and protect their pets as protection is much easier than treating this horrible parasite especially during the height of mosquito season.

Why It Pays for Hotels to be Pet Friendly” – More hotels find pet-friendly policies pay off Being pet-friendly is good for business in hotels as more people are traveling with their pets.  Hotels that opt to accept pets along with their people often see higher occupancy rates and are providing extras like treats and directions to nearby parks for owners.