There are so many interesting news stories out there about pets and other animals, veterinary medicine or other animal related topics!  Each week we’ll be gathering some stories that might be interesting to you, so keep posted each week for new stories!  This week’s articles are all related to animal behavior.  Training tips, techniques and behavior problems are some of our most common questions.   Hopefully you’ll find the information is some of these articles useful and interesting!


Petless People: A Breed Apart?” – Studies ID differences between pet owners, non-owners

Statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association is showing that there are fewer people that do no own pets and the number of pet-owning household has increased.  Medical sociologist Joan Liebmann-Smith has revealed through recent studies that the two groups of people differ in other ways including quality of health, social and nurturing abilities.


Conference raises awareness about specialized pet care” – Colo. forum highlights the role of veterinary specialists

A recent conference, held last week in Colorado, held a forum to promote public knowledge about the role of veterinary specialists in their pet’s healthcare.  Small-animal internist Sandy Willis encouraged pet owners to talk to their own family veterinarians about seeking referrals to specialists saying, “In the Long run, their quality of life is going to be amazing, and it actually costs less if we figure out what’s really going on.”


Mammals Smelled Their Way To Bigger Brains” – A scents-able explanation for bigger mammal brains

Humans are not alone in the relatively large brain size compared to body size.  Most mammals are the same way.  A researcher at the University of Texas has now shown that through evolution, as brain size grew the biggest increases were the area of the brain that controls smell.


Dogs help families with autism, RSM conference told” – Families of children with autism praise dog-ownership

Many families with autistic children are finding that having a dog in the house makes a big difference in life.  Benefits help with language abilities, calming tantrums and just in general interpersonal communications and family relationships.


Veterinarians Aid Service Dog Training Program at SCI Muncy” –  Veterinarians volunteer to keep prison dog-training program afloat

Veterinarians are generously donating their time to helping in veterinary care for dogs in a program at State Correctional Institution Muncy to do basic obedience training for service dogs with the non-profit organization, Canine Partners for Life.


Health: Vet takes holistic approach to pet health” – Veterinarian sees demand grow for alternative health services

This article explains the treatments of a couple pet owners that turned to holistic medicine as an alternative.


Pet Therapy Programs Benefit Patients Physically and Emotionally” – Pet therapy offers emotional, physiological relief to patients

Animal therapy is gaining in popularity within hospitals and hospice care as it has been shown to provide physiological benefits, including lower blood pressure and reduced feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation.


Living with pets may protect infants from allergies”

It’s looking like timing could be the key to preventing allergies in children.  “”Dirt is good,” says lead researcher Ganesa Wegienka, Ph.D., summing up the theory. “Your immune system, if it’s busy with exposures early on, stays away from the allergic immune profile.””


Vineland hospital’s canine assisted therapy is a doggone success for heart patient” – Therapy dogs may help improve outcomes for heart failure patients

In a New Jersey hospital, researchers have found that patients suffering from heart failure are having better outcomes after interaction with dogs.  A dog vs. a nurse is much more likely to get people out of bed and doing therapy walks.